Nonchalance wields garments instead of flags. Sophilo is for women who don’t follow trends, but look to express and be themselves through their clothing. It’s recovering that purse of your mum’s that you loved when you were 9 and mixing it with your ripped jeans. It’s putting your best coat over your best friend’s favourite tee. It’s not fashion, it’s you.

We have grown up and matured, not only personally, but also throughout history. Our time has come and that’s thanks to women everywhere. Women who changed the world, women who share a common denominator: the courage to want to change the world.

To create Sophilo we were inspired by these women, yesterday’s muses and today’s, who have created a watershed in our lives, in our shared story, in the world. Because thousands of stories coexist at Sophilo, we are substance and not form, depth over appearance, with a great sense of aesthetics. Sophilo is inspiration, strength, and softness, but also music, painting, and poetry.

In short, we are Sophilo, we are courageous women with great stories to tell. You are Sophilo.

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